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The Lakota Technology Team is dedicated to collaborative leadership in supporting Lakota's personalized, learner-centered, future ready mission through a focus on innovation, forward thinking and sustainability.

Lakota's Strategic PlanWE are FUTURE READY
"Through innovative and engaging learning, enhanced with leading edge technology, Lakota maximizes student readiness for the four Es: Employment, Enrollment in higher education, Enlistment in the military and Entrepreneurship."



Innovative Instruction     Student 1:1 Program     Modern Learning Spaces

Lakota's “WEareEMPOWERED" program is designed to empower Lakota students personalized learning, future ready journey.

WEareEMPOWERED expands access to innovative instructional approaches and new learning opportunities, purposefully supported by technology. This includes increased student devices, including a 1:1 student program in grades seven through twelve, an "at school" 1:1 program four our sixth graders, along with Innovation Hubs providing modern learning spaces for student learning through technology, collaboration and creativity!

This initiative supports the development of key student skills and responsibilities necessary to safely and effectively navigate the digital transformation of today and the highly-skilled, technology driven global world of tomorrow.

Please click here for more information.

Productivity and Collaboration Suites

Lakota provides our students and staff both Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. Proficiency in both productivity and collaboration suites will benefit out students in their future. Both web-based services are integrated into our Learning Management System, Canvas, and can be accessed through OneLogin.

Lakota students in grades 2-12 can click here for a free installable version of Microsoft Office for personal devices.

Bring Your Own Device

Lakota Board Policy
 allows for students to use personal communication devices "as part of a classroom activity when indicated for instruction by a teacher or administrator."

While we cannot recommend specific makes and models of devices since student and family needs differ, here are the minimum device requirements for Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, and Canvas, Lakota's Learning Management System.


*While Microsoft Office 365, G Suite and Canvas are supported on iPhones, iPods and Android phones that meet the specs above, we encourage the larger screen sizes to meet a wider variety of educational software.

Internet Access Assistance Options

Lakota is committed to promoting digital learning access and technology skills development for all of our students. 

Spectrum is offering an assistance program for reduced cost high speed internet access for Federal Free & Reduced lunch participants. If you are interested in this program, you can contact Spectrum at 1-844-525-1574 for more information.

Click here for more information on the WEareConnectED program that offers students free Wifi access in restaurants and retail outlets throughout the community.


If you would like to assist us in our mission by providing students with technology tools, please contact us at d
[email protected].

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