Lakota Outreach Diversity & Inclusion (LODI)

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Lakota Outreach, Diversity, and Inclusion Department Mission
: In support of a thriving district climate and culture of excellence, the Lakota Outreach, Diversity, and Inclusion Department seeks to promote a welcoming and equitable experience and a culture that values diversity in all its forms through inclusive dialogue, interpersonal experiences, intercultural appreciation, and targeted professional development.

Parent Engagement and Community Outreach Mission: Lakota Local Schools will actively engage all families so they are seen, heard, and included in school communities, with the intent for all students' success.
Diversity and Inclusion Mission: Lakota Local Schools will actively recruit faculty and staff that reflect the diversity of our community and engage in courageous conversations and trainings about diversity in all its forms (cultural, racial, socioeconomic, sexual orientation, gender identity and religious) in order to establish a welcoming and productive environment for all.
Equity and Inclusion Mission:
Lakota Local Schools will ensure all students are engaged and inspired learners who have access to equitable and inclusive learning environments.


The term "all" is used to describe people from varying races; colors; national origins; ancestries; religions; socioeconomic statuses; sex/sexual orientation; and disabilities whether physical, mental, or learning.