Bus Routes

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Bus Route Information

Your child's bus route and teacher assignment information can be found on the registration page of Home Access Center (HAC). Click here to login into HAC. Please note that prior to the start of a new school year, teacher assignments are made available at varying times for individual buildings. If your child's teacher assignment does not appear among your results, please check back later for that information.

If you receive an error message, it could be for the following reasons:

  1. Student is new to the district and not yet entered into the system.
  2. You did not complete transportation request form (high school and non-public students - Click here for transportation forms.)

Non-Public Students Only: Please contact the main office of your child's school for bus route information. 

Please note: The time listed for each bus stop is approximate -- traffic, road construction, and other factors can affect the actual bus stop time, especially during the winter weather. Please allow a 5-10 minute window of time around your posted pick-up and drop-off times.  You may also check with your bus driver periodically through the school year for the most current bus stop time.

Questions?  Contact Transportation Office 755-5821.

General Information

All bus stops are within half a mile of a student’s residence and are typically at a cross-street or corner. No home stops are permitted. For safety, Lakota buses are prohibited by policy from entering cul-de-sacs, dead-end streets and active construction areas. The only exception is for special needs students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) including transportation as a related service. 

Students should arrive at their bus stop about five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick-up time, and wait at the designated place of safety (as established by the bus driver).

Lakota is responsible for students once they board the bus, but parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children to and from the bus stop and while waiting for the bus.

We want to make sure your child starts each day positively and ends it with a smile.   Questions related to the above information are addressed further on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Service Eligibility

Lakota provides transportation to all students in kindergarten and first grade. Eligible students in grades 2-6 who live more than one mile from their school will receive transportation. Eligible students in grades 7-8 will receive busing if they live more than two miles from their school. Lakota does not provide busing at the high school level.

Click here to check your home address against the exclusion zones.