Acceleration & Advancement

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Subject or Whole Grade Acceleration

Please contact your principal regarding a subject or whole grade acceleration request prior to completing and sending in the Gifted Identification Referral form. (opens in a new window)

Subject Acceleration

In a few instances, a student's ability in a particular subject area may be so advanced that his/her needs are best met by the curriculum of a higher grade level. In such situations, a student may participate in instruction in an upper grade - visiting another class at math time - or curricular materials from an upper grade may be "imported" to the student's regular classroom for the child to work on in his/her home.

Whole Grade Acceleration

In even fewer instances, a student's abilities across the entire curriculum may be so advanced, that his/her educational needs may be best met at a higher grade level. In such cases, a student may "skip" a grade. The decision to meet a child's needs through full grade acceleration is made very carefully, since attending school with older classmates may pose some social and emotional challenges. For some families, it is even relevant to consider how participating with older classmates will impact a child's athletic life.

When full grade acceleration is considered, extensive consultation is involves the family, classroom teacher, gifted specialist, school psychologist and a school administrator.

Click here to access the Early Graduation Application

Early Entrance to Kindergarten or First Grade

Early entrance to kindergarten is a form of grade acceleration. If interested, please review all the information in the Early Entrance process document prior to completing the Early Entrance Assessment Application. 

Click here (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)  for the Early Entrance Process Document and Assessment Application for 2021-2022. Registration opens 2/1/21. Testing will occur in late May/early June.

Early Entrance process closes June 18. Requests after this date will  only be honored for those newly enrolled into the district.