PE Waiver

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About the PE Waiver Option

For eligible student-athletes, the PE Waiver waives the PE requirement for high school graduation.

It does NOT award credit. However, it allows a student to pursue other options to earn the 0.5 credit, rather than taking two PE courses (0.25 credit each). Students are still required to meet the minimum number of credits for graduation.

Who is eligible?

Students who are participating in interscholastic athletics at the high school are eligible to use the waiver after they have successfully completed two full seasons. This can be two seasons in two different sports, allowing a student to meet the requirements for the PE Waiver in one school year.

In addition to cheerleading and marching band, interscholastic athletic teams currently recognized by the Ohio High School Athletic Association in Lakota Local Schools include the following:

Basketball, Boys & Girls
Bowling, Boys & Girls
Cross Country, Boys & Girls
Diving, Boys & Girls
Golf, Boys & Girls
Soccer, Boys & Girls
Swimming, Boys & Girls
Tennis, Boys & Girls
Track, Boys & Girls
Volleyball, Boys & Girls
Lacrosse, Boys & Girls* Lacrosse Cheer* Dance Team

*Effective Spring 2017

Under Ohio state law, local boards of education may NOT add additional areas of participation beyond interscholastic athletics, marching band, or cheerleading, which may be used to excuse a student from the high school physical education requirement.

How to Participate

To participate, a student needs to participate in the two full seasons and let his/her counselor know their plans to use the PE Waiver for the PE graduation requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can my student waive the 8th grade PE course because he/she plans to participate in sports or Marching Band in high school?

No, students cannot apply the waiver until they are eligible to participate in the approved activities for the PE waiver.

Why can't a club sport count toward the waiver?

By Ohio law, the sports for the PE Waiver need to be recognized as interscholastic athletics. 

If my student only participates in one, full season of an eligible sport or Marching Band, can he/she receive partial credit and waive one of the PE courses?

No, there is no partial waiver of the PE requirements.

Does Winter Guard count towards the waiver?

No, Winter Guard does not count on its own toward the PE Waiver, nor does it count as a second season. If a student is in both Color Guard and Winter Guard, it is one season (Color Guard) that counts towards the waiver because Color Guard counts under marching band.

For more information, please see the Ohio Department of Education site about the state guidance regarding the PE Waiver.