Advanced Placement (7-8)

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Advanced and compacted coursework begins in sixth grade and continues through eighth grade. The advanced courses are designed to challenge students in the four academic content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Much of the content is compacted, leading to high school credit courses in eighth grade. This is an overview of the offerings grades 6-9: 

Grade English Language Arts/English Mathematics Science Social Studies
6  Advanced ELA   Advanced Math 6 (Compacted Curriculum)  Advanced Science 6  Advanced Social Studies 6                            
 7  Advanced ELA  Advanced Math 7 (Compacted Curriculum)                                Advanced Science 7 (Compacted Curriculum)                         Advanced Social Studiues 7 (Compacted Curriculum) 
 8  Advanced ELA  Algebra I 
(HS Credit)
 Physical Science
(HS Credit)
 World History
(HS Credit)
 Honors English  Honors Geometry  Honors Biology  Honors American History

Advanced Courses Matrix Gr 7

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