Our Staff

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Our Staff 


Mindy Reichelt
, Principal
Email: melinda.reichelt@lakotaonline.com

Ms. Reichelt was an English teacher and instructional coach before she joined The Academy as the principal.  She has a bachelors degree from Butler University, a masters degree from Indiana University, and a master's degree from University of Cincinnati. She is also a district Champion's representative, which involves advocating for acceptance of diversity and inclusion. 

 Kruback, Secretary 
Email: Kelley.Kruback@lakotaonline.com

Mrs. Kruback serves in many capacities throughout the community and wears many hats at the academy -- she is a good starting place for any questions! She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Ball State.

Michele Hively, Guidance Counselor
Email: Michele.Hively@lakotaonline.com

Mrs. Hively served as a guidance counselor at a private school prior to her time at Lakota. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from UC and her Master’s degree from Xavier University.

Adam Bowling, Community Liaison
Email: Adam.Bowling@lakotaonline.com

Mr. Bowling supports Lakota students through the Success Program. He earned his Bachelor's degree from Miami University and Master's degree from Liberty University. 



 Amanda Hoffman, Social Studies Teacher
Email: Amanda.Hoffman@lakotaonline.com

Mrs. Hoffman serves as the JV softball coach for Lakota East. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Ohio Northern University.

Lisa Kiesewetter, Science Teacher
Email: Lisa.Kiesewetter@lakotaonline.com

Mrs. Kiesewetter serves as the Science Club Advisor at The Academy. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from UC and Master’s degree from Miami University.

Shay Lenos, Math Teacher
Email: Shay.Lenos@lakotaonline.com

Mr. Lenos is a Lakota math teacher and a wrestling coach out of district. Mr. Lenos earned his Bachelor’s degree from Miami University.

David Mosure, English Teacher
Email: David.Mosure@lakotaonline.com

Mr. Mosure  earned his Bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green and his Master’s degree from UC.

Katie Steverson, Intervention Specialist
Email: Kathryn.Steverson@lakotaonline.com

Mrs. Steverson is The Academy's district Champion's Representative, which involves advocating for diversity and inclusion. She has many years of experience serving students with special needs. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Auburn, along with her Master's degree.

Shelley Stewart, Connections Teacher
Email: shelley.stewart@lakotaonline.com