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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours is my student supposed to complete at home?

Each Academy student is required to complete 15 hours weekly on APEX at home to meet attendance requirements in addition to reporting every day to school. Any student not completing these requirements is subject to truancy consequences.


Can my student still participate in events at Lakota East or Lakota West?

Students are permitted to participate in any event or program after school hours including sports, clubs, school dances, sporting events, etc.


If my student attends The Academy, can they still walk with their Lakota East/West class graduation?

Yes, Academy students who have met graduation requirements are permitted to walk with their home school graduating class and can participate in any senior event.


How can I check my student's progress at The Academy?

We email a weekly progress report via APEX. This report will notify you of your student's current standing including missing assignments, time spent in each course for the week, and current grade. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 513-682-4117. Your student's course progress will no longer be accessible via Home Access Center.


Do you provide transportation?

We provide shuttles from each of the main campuses at the start and end of the AM and PM session.


How many sessions do you provide?

We operate three separate sessions (AM, PM, and Connections). The Connections session is an online-only program for credit deficient seniors; however, tutoring is available for Connections students on Thursday afternoons from 2:45 - 5 PM. 


Do you offer entirely online classes?

We do offer an entirely online program, Connections (which is only for credit-deficient seniors who have passed AIR tests), as well as a limited in-person Academy program. The limited in-person program has strict student-performance expectations: online students must attend one day a week for progress checks and career counseling offerings. If you are interested, please contact Mindy Reichelt at 513-682-4117.