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Student Success Stories

Lakota community newsletter, featuring Career Readiness AcademyThe personalized learning aspect of the Academy meets the needs of some students  who may struggle with a traditional high school setting for varying reasons. For some, the flexible schedule offered at CRA supports a student’s need to fulfill personal obligations that may make completing a traditional school day difficult. For others, the smaller class sizes can help ease anxiety that may be a result of attending a large high school. The access to one-one-one support from teachers and working at their own pace helps students get back on track earning credit hours and they may even graduate early.

Read below to learn more about students who have benefited from the Academy's alternative format. Click here to read one student's story featured in a recent edition of Lakota's "Inside Your Schools" community newsletter (pictured right).

Zyonn (East Student)

Zyonn came to the Academy incredibly credit deficient. She needed over ten credits as a senior to graduate. With the help of the Academy staff, Zyonn was able to complete her credits needed to graduate in one school year. She not only was able to graduate but also increased her GPA while doing so. She benefited from the small environment that was personalized, flexible, and student centered.

Shelby (East Student)

When Shelby came to the Lakota Career Readiness Academy, she was failing her classes and spent most of the day in the bathroom due to her extreme anxiety at Lakota East. She excelled in the smaller environment that removed variables that caused extreme anxiety for Shelby like lockers and the lunch room. It gave her the opportunity to gain her academic confidence back. Not only did Shelby graduate but she graduated early. Shelby also participated in our internship opportunity which allowed her to experience real world settings. These opportunities gave Shelby the confidence she needed to enroll in college upon graduating.

Ethan (West Student)

Ethan was struggling in school due to his absences from his medical condition. Ethan benefited from the flexible schedule and small community of the Career Readiness Academy. He needed to be able to access his work when he was feeling good with the support of core content teachers. He also needed to be able to work around his doctor’s appointments without missing instructional time. Ethan was able to graduate early from the Career Readiness Academy.

Amber (West Student)

Amber was struggling at Lakota West due to the size of the school. Amber had been home schooled prior to enrolling at West, and really needed a different environment. Her parents recognized that Amber needed something more personalized. Amber flourished at the Career Readiness Academy, not only academically but socially. Amber will now attend the CRA part-time as she pursues College Credit Plus courses on campus.