Coaching Standards

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Lakota Coaching Standards

This document is designed to provide all Lakota coaches with a common coaching frame of reference. These points of emphasis are to be considered guidelines in teaching interscholastic sports within the Lakota School District.

  • Student athlete learning and teaching should be the center of all Lakota interscholastic athletics. Lakota coaches are expected to “teach” the fundamentals of the sport.
  • Lakota coaches are expected to be exemplary role models both in and out of the athletic arena and leaders of young people in every sense of the word. Reinforcement of sportsmanship is critical.
  • Lakota coaches are expected to communicate with the parents of their student athletes on a consistent basis. All parent phone calls are expected to be returned within 24 hours.
  • Lakota coaches are expected to hold pre-season parent meetings to communicate team policies, coach's philosophy, substance abuse policy information and all other logistical information specific to the program. This is where the ground rules for parental communications are outlined.
  • Student athletes should be coached from a constructive perspective. Demeaning the efforts of a young person does not reinforce learning and has no place in Lakota. Student athletes should never be ridiculed at any time especially in front of their peers.
  • Profanity by any coach is unacceptable. It has no place in education.
  • Lakota coaches need to be sensitive to the diversity of our student athletes. Multi-cultural and socioeconomic differences give athletes a wide variety of perceptions. Casual remarks or comments made in front of a diverse group of athletes may be offensive or hurtful to some young people. Coaches are strongly encouraged to be sensitive to all the athletes under their direction.
  • Lakota coaches are expected to be consistent with discipline. Inconsistency leaves a coach open to charges of favoritism and undermines the morale of the squad.
  • Keep a perspective on the grade level and who is being coached. Intensity levels of coaching should be commensurate with the age of the athletes. An overzealous approach can take all the fun out of a sport.
  • Lakota coaches are expected to be punctual for all practices, meetings, and contests.
  • Lakota coaches are expected to be thoroughly prepared for all practices and contests.
  • Lakota coaches are expected to dress appropriately for practices and games. The professional dress of a coach sets the tone for the team and the athletic program. 
  • Lakota coaches are expected to be familiar with District Policies on depositing / fundraising and general monetary accountability procedures.
  • When teams are selected by a “tryout” method, Lakota coaches must insure that athletes who have been cut are given the opportunity to understand what their deficiencies are and what they can do to improve their skills.
  • Lakota coaches should be familiar with basic Ohio High School Athletic Association bylaws regarding eligibility contest restrictions and non-contact periods.
  • If unclear on a policy or procedure, Lakota coaches should refer to their District Coaches Handbook and/or their respective athletic director.