District Wellness Committee

Lakota Local Schools recognizes that schools and families working in collaboration play a critical role in promoting student health, preventing childhood obesity, and combating problems associated with poor nutrition and physical inactivity. We recognize that there is a direct link between a student's wellness and their academic success.

To formalize and encourage this role, the Lakota Local School District board passed a school wellness policy in 2006. This initiative helps students take steps to improve personal health and fitness and encourages the entire district to be physically active every day; eat a nutritious diet; get preventive screenings; and make healthy choices.

To help address some of these issues, the district has established a Wellness Committee. The committee is made up of students, parents, administrators, nurses, teachers and staff.

We would like to share these resources with you and your family. It is not intended to replace routine care by your family health care provider, but rather to provide you with what we hope is practical, educational and useful information.

It is our hope that we may continue to work together to create a safe and healthy learning environment for both our students and their families.