Community Liaisons

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Community Liaisons

Butler County Success
 is a partnership between Lakota and the Butler County United Way, Butler County Job and Family Service, and The Butler County Educational Service Center aimed at removing the barriers to learning that many children face daily.

School Focus
Consult, collaborate, and cooperate with school personnel and community agencies in developing plans for students' academic success.

Student and Family Focus
Assess, communicate with, and assist students and families in understanding, learning, and determining ways to increase involvement in school.

Community Focus
Refer and interact with families and community agencies to coordinate available services, and convey to the parents, the school's genuine concern for positive learning and growth for each child. Some of the reasons for referrals can be, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Physical Needs (glasses, doctor, shots, etc.)
  • Mental Health Needs (assessment, counseling, etc.)
  • Academic Concerns (poor grades, classroom support, etc.)
  • Basic Needs (food, clothing, shelter, etc.)
  • Behavioral Concerns (acting out, social relationship concerns, etc.)
  • Attendance Concerns (Missing numerous days of school, consistent tardies, etc.)
  • Transportation (family ride to IAT/IEP meetings, doctor appointments, etc.)
  • Program Involvement (child would benefit from Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Mobile Food Pantry, etc.)

Referral System
A teacher, nurse, counselor, or other school staff member will recognize a need in a child or family for assistance and communicate this to a building administrator. From there the child or family's needs will be assessed, a plan of action will be determined, and detailed notes will be kept of the progress of the child/family. If necessary, there will be periodic meetings of everyone involved in the child/family case to discuss the progress of the situation.

Contact Information
Dawn McCorkle
Assigned Schools:              Creekside ECS
Endeavor Elementary
Freedom Elementary
Leah Aguilar
Assigned Schools:   Wyandot ECS
Cherokee Elementary
Independence Elementary
Woodland Elementary

Jessica Allshouse

Assigned Schools: Shawnee ECS
Adena Elementary
VanGorden Elementary
Lisa Rebman  
Assigned Schools: Liberty ECS
Heritage Elementary
Union Elementary
VanGorden Elementary
Kim Huston
Assigned Schools: Lakota Plains Jr. School
Lakota Ridge Jr. School
Lakota West Freshman School
Lakota West High School

Jennifer Tye

Assigned Schools:
Hopewell Jr. School
Liberty Jr. School
Lakota East Freshman School
Lakota East High School
Adam Bowling
 Assigned Schools: Career Readiness Academy