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Welcome to Gifted Services

The Lakota Local School District believes in the appropriate education of all its students. Lakota staff adhere to several policies related to the advancement of students, including gifted identification, acceleration, early entrance to school, as well as early graduation.

While gifted services are not mandated in Ohio, Lakota believes in providing a quality and rigorous education to all students. Through a large menu of opportunities, advanced students may qualify and participate in services designed to meet their unique learning needs. This section of the website provides an overview of Lakota’s services and criteria for placement.

We aim to meet the needs of our gifted students through a wide continuum of services that include:

  • An advanced curriculum.
  • Use of differentiated instructional strategies.
  • Placement in specific gifted programs for gifted students.
  • Honors and advanced placement classes for secondary students.

The type of service and programming provided to gifted students depends on recent assessment data and what is determined to be most appropriate in meeting an individual student’s needs.


Contact Information


Gifted Services

Lakota Central Office
5572 Princeton Road
Liberty Township, OH 45011 [Directions]
Phone: (513) 644-1186 
Fax: (513) 644-1181
Central Office Staff

Lori Brown

Director of Student Services
(513) 644-1186, option 3, or ext. 22081

Lauren Webb
Asst Director of Gifted Services
(513) 644-1209

Barb Warne
Administrative Assistant
(513) 644-1186, option 1 or ext. 22003

Building Staff for 3-12 Buildings

Building Staff Email
Adena Debbie Roberts
Cherokee Erin Maddox
Endeavor Molly Adams
Freedom Christy Knopp
Independence Denelle Garman
Union Amy Alexander
VanGorden Linda Croy
Woodland Stephanie Fulmer
Grades 7-12 Gifted Support Advisor  Ron Henrich

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