Engineering Internships

Engineering Career Partners


Ethicon logoEthicon, a Johnson & Johnson medical devices company, has partnered with Lakota to offer high school students the opportunity to gain hands-on learning in engineering. The Ethicon internship covers five rotations, including industrial design, research and development, customer and field service, product testing and product manufacturing. Working with professionals during all rotations, the students will learn about career possibilities in industrial design, medical device development, device testing and manufacturing.


Kinetic Vision

Kinetic Vision logoKinetic Vision is a global, full-service engineering and design firm offering Lakota students semester to year-long internships. This program is an employer-managed internship where the firm takes the lead to select and provide students with learning experiences including topics such as understanding the culture of the organization, professional work ethic and environment, communication skills, computer skills (including leading-edge design and computer-aided engineering) software products, and understanding prototyping and testing.

Procter & Gamble

P & G logoA unique business partnership with Procter & Gamble allows Lakota junior and seniors to gain hands-on internship experience in the engineering field. Twelve students go through rotations in six departments: Modeling, Simulation & Analysis; Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Cost Engineering; Materials & Welding Engineering; and Process Engineering. Students gain a valuable perspective on what engineers do on a daily basis to help inspire careers in science and engineering.